Volunteering at PGConf.EU 2022 in Berlin

Posted by Unterwegs mit Pascal on Sunday, 2022-11-06
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PGConf.EU 2022 in Berlin took place from October 25-28. I was volunteering, and it was very exciting for me.

In the past, I have been to quite a few PostgreSQL conferences, and I did help a bit here and there. But the tasks I got back then have been very easy, and for my age. Like at the conference in Milan 2019 I was going around and announcing the next talks. It was very cool, but also not very challenging.

This year I had more exciting tasks. I helped with transporting the boxes for the sponsors on Monday, helped with packing the bags for all attendees, helped during the community party on Wednesday and also with cleaning up on Friday. But the highlight was that I could do Room Hosting for one Talk (PostgreSQL Native Packaging). Thanks to my friend Devrim and to Christoph. I was very excited, but also a bit frightened. And in the end I am very proud that it worked out as expected. Next time I can maybe be a room host for more than one Talk.

I liked the conference’s location, because the hotel is not far away from my home. And it was also cool that we didn’t have to drive half an hour every day to the hotel, but stayed in the hotel for this week. I could just go to the lounge every evening after the conference, doing homework or just chill a bit.

The Marriott in Berlin is a very nice hotel. The food was yummy even though I’m very, very picky. Didn’t go to bed hungry!

For the conference I like that there have been people from all around the world, even from the U.S., Asia or Africa. I chatted with attendees, and with people from the sponsors and they accepted me as I am, even though I’m still quite young.

The Location of the Community Party was very cool too. It is one big area with two halls and a big entrance area, called “Alte Münze”. And I could hand out drink vouchers, what’s not to love about this?

For the first time the conference hired a company for child care. Was not involved, and I did not use the service, because I think I’m too old for child care now. But I heard many good things about it, and I’m interested in the feedback from both the childs and parents.

It was a very good conference, and I hope that I can participate again next year, or sometimes in the near future.